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Monthly Blog Income Report

Here is our blogging income report for October 2016.

I apologize that it’s out so late.

This month has been crazy busy in a good way.

Since this one is so late, November’s will be out shortly after.

Note: This post was transferred over from my main blog,

Monthly Blog Income Report - October 2016

Monthly Blogging Income Report – October 2016

These numbers are for cash received during the month.

In my Quickbooks, I choose “cash basis” instead of “accrual” to get these numbers.

So, it doesn’t include work done during the month unless they pay right away.

Many networks pay 60-90 days so money can come in from work done months ago.

October Blogging Income

  • Sponsored Posts:
    • Linqia: $1,104.30
    • Wolf Best Buy: $200.00 – Paid in gift cards.
    • IZEA: $300.00
    • Other Sponsored Posts: $2,950.00
  • Social Posts: $350.00
  • Affiliate Income:
    • Shareasale: $109.17
    • Amazon Associates: $100.63 (Part of this is from Amazon CPM ads)
  • Ad Networks:
    • The Blogger Network: $21.23 This is probably the last month for them since I switched to Mediavine for ads.
    • Marfeel: $7.28 – Mobile ads.
  • Sidebar Widget: $300.00 – Paid in gift cards.
  • $150.00 – My giveaway directory site.
  • Shelley’s Income: $1,135.00 – What Shelley made through the blog on her own.

Income Total: $6,727.61

October Blogging Expenses

  • Photoshop/Lightroom: $10.61
  • Apple iTunes: $31.73
  • Virtual Assistant: $108.00
  • convertkit: $29.00 – newsletter.
  • CoPromote: $49.00 – Promote social shares. There’s a free version, as well.
  • Easy Product Displays: $62.99 – Neat and organized way to display products. This is the yearly fee.
  • GoDaddy: $16.34 – Domain name.
  • Hostgator: $60.00 – Domain name renewals.
  • ManageFlitter: $12.00 – Manage Twitter followers.
  • Shelley: $944.00 – What I paid my sister directly.
  • USPS: $13.45 – Cost to ship prizes.

Total Expenses: $1,337.12

Net Income: $5,390.49

Shelley works with some partners on her own and is paid directly.

That number is reflected in the top portion.

The bottom number is when I am paid for something she does, and I have to pay her.

So, subtract her amount, and I am left with $4,255.49.

Of course, I still need to pay taxes on that amount, and not all of it can leave the business bank account, but it’s a decent number.

What I Learned from this Report

Since I started doing these reports, I am a lot more mindful of my spending.

There used to be many times were I would purchase something for the blog and quickly say, “Oh, it’s a write-off” or something to justify it.

When I started seeing it all in front of me, I realized how much it added up.

My spending is a lot better now.

Well, at least for this month. 😉

If you post a blogging income report, please let me know. I’d love to read it, or maybe even link up!


Thursday 15th of December 2016

Jennifer, that is amazing income for blogging. I know it is hard work, so it should return a reward for doing so. You are not only a good blogger, but a good business woman. That is important, since most people are good at only one.


Thursday 15th of December 2016

Thank you so much for such an amazing complement! :) We definitely work hard and love what we do. Very thankful to be able to do it full-time.