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What do you Want to do?

To find the best work from home jobs for you, it’s important to have an idea of what you’d like to try first. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Which skills would you like to sharpen?

Another important question is who do you want to work for? Do you want to be your own boss? Or, would you prefer an hourly wage?

This is like a “choose your own adventure” type deal. Click on the links for more info on each topic.

Girl holding phone over a desk with office supplies and flowers on it.

I want to Write

If you love storytelling, creative writing, or researching to create info products, there are lots of ways to earn money online. Tell your own story or someone else’s. Write about products, places, things, and events. Research to package together articles for resale. There are many ways to sell your writing.

Writing jobs include starting your own blog or blogs, writing books, selling PLR, ghostwriting, freelance writing, and more.

I want to Type

Typing is a skill needed for most online jobs. However, it thankfully doesn’t always require as much of an imagination as writing does. In many work from home jobs, you can slap on some headphones and focus on typing away.

Transcribe audio, caption videos and movies, and more from home with your typing skills.

I want to Manage

If you’re highly organized with managerial skills, a lot of businesses allow you to work remotely. In the creative space, many seek help in the organization area!

Become a virtual assistant, an affiliate manager, or make money doing blogger outreach for brands, agencies, and PR companies. If you have experience or a degree, I’m sure there are many more opportunities, as well.

I want to Sell

Do you know how to spot a killer deal? If you love to shop and deal hunt, you might want to consider reselling online. With eBay, Amazon FBA, and other online selling platforms, resellers have the potential to earn a full-time income.

If you’d like to create a product, Amazon Private Label is an option. Don’t want to deal with products at all but good at marketing? Dropshipping might be for you.

I want to Photograph

Those photos in your device want to come out. If you find yourself snapping pictures everywhere you go, you might want to explore your options to sell photos or your services.

Start a stock photo business, list photos online for sale, add your pictures to print on demand products, and other options.

I want to Speak

If you speak well and have a lot to say, the time has never been better for you. People are busy and opt for audio in many cases these days.

Create videos for people who hate them (ahem, raises hand), start a YouTube channel, get your own Podcast, voice audiobooks, and more.

I want to Design

Graphic design your thing? Heck, even if you can create cool doodles on paper, it’s easier than ever to transform them into a digital design. Once your artwork is online, there are many potential ways to profit from them.

Upload your designs to print on demand sites to sell all sorts of merchandise, freelance your graphic design skills, sell printables, put together eCookbooks, and lots of other products.

I want to Teach

Have you mastered something to the point where you can instruct others? You can do so via several online platforms from the comfort of your own home. Creating courses and educational products can be a very lucrative income stream.

Teach through video, print, and audio across all sorts of channels. Consulting is something I’ll list under here, too. You can consult on your topic by email, video chat, or real life {gasp}.

I will add more as they come to me. I didn’t go into too much detail in each category, as I do that once you click on the topic.

Let me know what I missed!