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Jennifer Soltys

Jennifer Soltys is a blogger who's been making a full-time income from home since 2012. Always eager to learn new things, she's constantly on the lookout for new ways to earn money online. As an overly anxious introvert, not all side hustles are for her. Join her as she shares her experiences with online income streams to see which ones might be a fit for you!

Roundup blog posts are still an excellent way to create content if done right. Collecting a series of blog posts into a helpful piece of content is valuable to readers, a great way to create internal links, and a way to offer backlinks to quality blogs and websites. What is a Roundup? A roundup blog …

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Once you start using affiliate links, you will soon see the need for a link management plugin. A plugin that can organize links sitewide and allow you to make changes with a few clicks. What is the best affiliate link management plugin? lasso is the affiliate link management WordPress plugin that I currently recommend. The …

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