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Best Types of Blogs for Introverts

There are many types of blogs out there, some of which are better for introverts than others.

If you’re looking to start a blog, you’ll want to consider your personality type before choosing a topic.

Of course, not all introverts are the same. I am giving my opinion based on personal experience.

As a super introvert with anxiety, niche sites are my number one pick for the best type of blog for introverts.

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I made a list of my top ten suggestions for best types of blogs for introverts. This is a countdown list with number one being my favorite type of blog.

What are the Best Types of Blogs for Introverts?

10.) Travel Blog

Not all introverts are hermits like I am, so starting a travel blog might be right up your alley. Perhaps you’re into traveling alone. Solo travel is an excellent topic with loads of helpful content possibilities.

Travel bloggers should have excellent photography skills to capture the beauty of the locations they visit.

To start, why not feature your own area? If you live somewhere even remotely interesting, create helpful visitor guides for your hometown.

Travel blogging is last on my list of best blogs for introverts because it involves travel. Travel means leaving the house. I’m not a fan of that.

9.) Fashion Blog

Fashion blogs are popular but also quite competitive. If you have a passion for fashion, you might enjoy starting a fashion blog.

If you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, there are ways around that, as well.

When thinking of fashion blogs, don’t assume everything has to be high-end and couture.

Plenty of people are searching for affordable apparel or guidance about fashion choices in their age bracket.

Fashion blogging often requires photo shoots, hiring a photographer, and covering fashion events.

Of course, you can approach fashion blogging in other ways, but for those reasons, it’s not the highest blog on my introvert-friendly list.

8.) Fitness Blog

Starting a fitness blog is a great choice for personal trainers, nutritionists, and even people on a journey.

If you’re a professional in the industry, that’s definitely a bonus because it shows Google you have authority, but anyone can start a fitness blog.

Plenty of people start a blog to document their path as they start a new lifestyle.

Blogging about a fitness journey is an excellent way to keep you accountable, as well as, attract others who are on the same path.

Fitness blogging is another area where it’s beneficial to be comfortable in photos and even video to show your results.

Before starting a health or fitness blog, know that it’s a very competitive niche.

7.) Entertainment Blog

Blog about movies, shows, books, and anything that entertains you with an entertainment blog.

As with many things, you should pick a niche in this area to attract a loyal audience.

As your entertainment blog grows, you may be invited to interview people and attend events. This is exciting but also anxiety-inducing for this introvert.

6.) Music Blog

A music blog should perhaps be in the same category as an entertainment blog. Blog about your favorite music, local live shows, concerts, or even an instrument you play.

Similar to an entertainment blog, you may receive invites to events and concerts.

5.) Submission Site

I used to run a sweepstakes submission site and it was very introvert-friendly in my opinion.

Setup a site where the sole purpose is to accept content submissions from others.

It’s possible to create a submission site that’s almost on auto-pilot. I believe that any website should be monitored regularly, but the passive possibility is there with submission sites.

Submission site ideas include recipes, crafts, giveaways, freebies, printables, and more.

Typically a submission site helps other bloggers promote their work and includes a link back to their original post.

4.) DIY Blog

Have a hobby you can teach others? Create a blog about crafts, household projects, or anything do-it-yourself.

Photography and video are beneficial skills for a DIY blog.

Many people prefer to watch videos when trying to learn a skill. However, a craft blog or DIY blog can still do well with great photos.

Creating DIY and craft tutorials is quite introvert-friendly in my eyes.

3.) Food Blog

If you love to create recipes, try new foods, or even explore restaurants in your area, a food blog may be for you.

A food blog is another area in which photography should be a major focus. There are a lot of food blogs out there, so pick a niche to target an audience.

Food blogs are ideal for introverts because unless you’re reviewing restaurants, not much people-ing should be required.

2.) Pet Blog

If you’re an animal lover, what is more fun than a pet blog?

As with everything here, there are a lot of pet blogs out there. Broken record time – pick a niche.

You can create a pet blog about a certain breed or species, about products best for a specific animal, or even as your pet.

A pet blog can be darn near perfect for an introvert because you can literally write it as your pet if you want.

Act as if your animal is writing the blog themselves. It may sound silly but look at some of the most famous pets out there. You rarely see their humans.

1.) Niche Site or Affiliate Site

Assuming you plan to make any of the suggestions above larger websites with attached communities, a niche site is relatively smaller.

Niche sites or affiliate sites (I’ve seen them called both) have more of an end goal in mind.

Traditional blogs are built up over time with consistent posting, engaging across social media channels, and building relationships with brands.

The goal with niche sites is to create about 60 articles that will rank well in search engines.

Choose a narrow niche and build up a helpful resource that earns affiliate income and ad revenue.

Starting a niche site is far from easy, but I love that it has the potential to become passive income down the road.

The reason I think niche sites are the best type of blog for introverts is that you have to deal with very few people.

Often, niche sites don’t rely heavily on social media which takes some pressure off.

Using an SEO strategy for traffic and ads and affiliates for monetization is an introvert’s dream in my eyes.

But, how do these blogs make money?

All of these types of blogs are monetized in many of the same ways. The scale is tipped depending on the type of blog.

For example, a food blog might make more in ad revenue and brand sponsorships, whereas a fashion blog might make more with affiliate income.

Of course, you can also create your own info products for any niche. Create ebooks and sell courses.

You can even sell branded merchandise to your fans once you have them. The income stream possibilities are vast.

None of these types of blogs will make money quickly. Unless you know something I don’t, any type of blog requires a lot of time, hard work, and patience before earning an income.

Blogs are an ideal side hustle for anyone who wants to share their passion with the world.

Creating a blog is excellent for introverts since almost all of the work is done from home.

A blog can turn into a way to work from home if you give it the time and patience it needs to grow.

What are your favorite types of blogs?