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Blogging is Making Me Sick

Okay fine, blogging itself isn’t making me sick, but my decision to become a blogger – and the subsequent lifestyle changes because of it – are.

It’s taken me a while to admit what I already knew, but my blogging behavior and working from home is causing me to be a sick person.

sick girl in bed

Blogging and Working from Home

When I discovered blogging, I instantly became obsessed. I never knew I could enjoy something so much, and just I passionately dove in full force and head first. I have always been an extreme person, so this probably didn’t shock anyone. I don’t have a good grasp on the word “moderation”, and I tend to go overboard with most things

Let’s fast forward a bit. So, I started mainly working from home doing the blogging thing. My routine consists of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, and then sitting at the computer still in my PJ’s.

Wow, that’s a dream come true, right? Not really. I am skipping some major steps in the whole process of waking up. I might as well still be asleep for the first good hour while I am hazily checking my emails. After coffee #2 I am slightly ready to do something.

I sit at my desk for most of the day. I eat whatever the heck I feel like, whenever I feel like it. All at my desk. My activities are a short list of letting the dogs out, and the occasional trip to the grocery store. My hubby works a labor-intensive job all days, so for fun, we watch movies. I literally have become a sedentary person.

Most of my blogging friends are moms, so I don’t think they probably have this problem. They all have children that require a lot more attention and moving around than my dogs do. Sure, I let my dogs run around in the yard, but I just read while out there. I rarely run with them anymore.

Me Being Sick

Lately I have been so sickly. I am tired all the time, have swollen glands, rouge body pains, low blood pressure, depression, and so much more. Seriously, if I WebMD myself, I have cancer symptoms.

I have spent so much darn money at multiple doctors, and all my blood work comes back fine. It all leads me back to what I already knew deep down – that I have become a lazy sack who eats like crap.

My whole life I have exercised for a reason. Oh, I have a wedding to go to, better tone up. Vacation is in three weeks, better double up the workouts. So and so’s party is coming up… and you get the drift.

Now I am older, we rarely go out (by choice) and I am beyond content to sit here with my hubby and dogs. I love, love staying home. Sometimes, I feel like I need to for my mental health, but it’s making me weak.

Nutrition has been an interest of mine since I was in my teens. I have read many books, and I even took a few classes on it. I am no dummy. I know what it takes to be healthy. I know that our bodies need to move, sweat, and be active. I guess I just kind of forgot… or didn’t feel like it. I am pretty sure I pulled a marriage stereotype and just let myself go after getting hitched. How awesome.

The recent light bulb moment is due to the fact that I started reading “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz. This is not sponsored, I purchased the book myself. Although, I am using an affiliate link in case you want to buy it! But, this book is really reminding me of things I knew and teaching me so much that I didn’t.

Cameron tells it like it is and wrote the book as though she was speaking to a girlfriend. I love it, and it’s just the kick in the ass that I needed. It’s reminding me of the importance of nutrition, exercise, and just taking care of your body. Not to go to a wedding, but to live.

Now that I know I don’t have some terminal illness, I just need to balance out my life. As hard as that is, it must be done for my health. Even my blogs have taken a beating due to me feeling like a zombie all the time.

Social media is amazing, and I love it more than my own health, apparently. The thing is, we all have to remember to get out into the real world and MOVE. Get active, get social, and don’t make yourself sick like I am!

P.S. For those of you that don’t know, I have several blogs. Cause I know this one doesn’t seem that active yet!

Tamra Phelps

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

Maybe you could try blogging about a physical activity every day, lol. You know, today you went for a walk around the neighborhood & discovered ______. That type of thing. Lol, it's an idea.