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Take Better Vacation Pictures

The summer season means it is time to start taking those vacations and spending weekends away with family and friends.

Taking photographs with your smartphone is the perfect way to document your adventures and make sure your memories will last a lifetime.

But how can you be sure you are taking the best pictures possible?

When you keep a few tips and tricks in mind, you can take amazing photos that are no doubt frame worthy.

Take a look below at 7 tips to take better vacation pictures so you can make sure your memories look their very best!

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Take Better Vacation Pictures - 7 Helpful Tips

Take Better Vacation Pictures – 7 Tips

1. Take one impromptu photo for every planned one.

It is easy to get into the habit of taking planned and posed photos.

Try to do a 1:1 ratio, so for each staged one you take you try to take an unplanned one.

This will help give you some variety and catch angles and sites you might not have considered before.

2. Natural light is best.

Natural light always makes for the best shot.

Turn off the flash and try to take as many outdoor and naturally lit photos possible.

These tend to have better color, more clarity, look less grainy, and print quite nicely.

They are the pictures you want for creating photo gifts.

If you do need a flash, save it for nighttime photos only.

3. Try different points of view.

When you take a photo, try getting down low, on one knee, or even ground level.

This is an excellent way to catch different points of view and angles which could open you up to an entirely different shot.

Get creative with your angles and points of view and see what you can create.

4. Skip the zoom and move closer.

Skip the zoom whenever you can and instead, move closer to your subject.

I know this isn’t always possible, but if it is, go for it!

This can help you get a nice and clear photo that is less grainy and more vibrant in detail.

5. Take more detailed landscape shots.

Sure the big open field you are looking at is gorgeous, but try to get more detailed.

When photographing nature and outdoor sites, try focusing in on something such as specific flowers, animals, rock formations, etc.

This can add more interest to your shot than just a big open field.

6. Use photo apps for editing.

You can crop, color, and edit your photos to look their best using simple photo apps such as Lightroom, which lets you play around with photos until they are perfect.

These apps are useful for lightening up those dark photos and cropping out photo bombers.

7. Slow down.

When shooting those vacation pics, slow down!

Take the time to get your hand steady, focus the shot by tapping the screen, and click.

After you click, hold the camera for a second.

These steps will help you get a nice and clear shot that is worth saving.

Give these 7 tips a try to take better vacation pictures a try and you will find that you can enjoy stunning results.

Slow down, start looking at sites from a different angle, and edit those photos to perfection with simple to use apps.

You will no doubt be able to create a photo album to enjoy for years to come.

Maryann D.

Thursday 21st of July 2016

I am not a terrific photographer even though I love photos! I need a lot of tips and probably the slow down tip is best for me.