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Management Jobs from Home

Mad management skills you got there? If you’re organized and ready to streamline systems, there are some ways to work from home.

I’m going to explain the basics of the jobs I know of in this area. The ones I’ve personally tried, I will go into further detail in separate blog posts.

Online Management Job Ideas

Affiliate manager

When a brand chooses to offer an affiliate program, often a middle person is needed to share offers, suggest promotion ideas, and provide what the content creator needs for the best chance at conversions.

Often an affiliate manager will create a Facebook group to share info, run affiliate contests, make banners and buttons, and create coupon codes to encourage affiliate to promote.

It helps if you have experience in affiliate marketing before working as an affiliate manager. When you’re on the influencer side of promoting affiliates, it’s easier to get a feel for what bloggers and content creators are looking for in a partnership.

You can work for an agency, start an affiliate management company, or partner with brands directly. Again, if you’re in the blogger or influencer world, it’s easier to pitch this idea to brands you have a current relationship with.

Pay can be hourly, salary, or commission-based. Personally, I like the idea of commission because there’s passive income potential. If you’re an affiliate manager and some of your recruits are killing it, you can benefit from that.

My sister and I partnered with another blogger to create an affiliate management website… sort of. Our ideas and business goals were to try to bridge the gap between bloggers and affiliates.

Our thoughts were in the right direction, but we all had too much going on with our blogs to give it the time and focus it needed to thrive. Another tale of trying to do too much at once!

Campaign leader

If a brand wants to organize a large influencer campaign, they often require a campaign leader. A campaign leader creates an outline with the brand’s goals, requirements, legal notes, and more, and assures that all bloggers and influencers adhere to the guidelines.

Campaign leaders need to collect links from the influencers as their posts go live. They then need to check all links to make sure they have the necessary requirements. Did they include the hashtags, tag the brand, the FTC disclosure, the tracking link, etc? If not, it’s time to reach out to have them correct it.

This is another job that helps if you’re on the blogger side first. Sometimes quite a bit of back and forth communication is required with the bloggers throughout the campaign.

Campaign leaders typically work for marketing agencies and networks. Pay is usually a flat rate per campaign. The job can be a freelance or employee position.

Blogger outreach

Once you blog for a while and get to know other bloggers, you may find yourself referring them to brands.

An example is when a brand pitches you. Maybe it’s not a good fit for you, but you suggest a blogger friend of yours. Maybe it is a good fit for you, but the brands want more bloggers.

Most of the time, bloggers refer people at no cost. But, if it turns into a larger to-do, it’s most definitely right to charge for your time.

Sometimes blogger outreach is as simple as creating a Google form for bloggers to fill out if interested. You then share the responses with the brand and your jobs is done.

Other times the brand might want you to go through the form and choose the bloggers you feel make the best fit.

In my opinion there’s no set way to do blogger outreach. It’s something that usually happens organically as a possible side hustle for bloggers.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant or VA is a person who assists virtually. Wow, what a wonderful definition that was, huh? Basically, it’s like having a personal assistant, but online. VA’s handle all sorts of tasks.

VA’s can answer emails, manage social media accounts, and literally any task imaginable that’s completed online.

Of course, I’m most familiar with VA’s in the blogging world. I’ve hired VA’s and I’ve worked as a VA.

To succeed as a VA, dependability is key. You have to be organized, commit to the tasks you’re hired for, complete tasks in a timely matter, and be extremely trustworthy as you’ll most likely be logging into people’s accounts.

Sell spreadsheets and templates

If you love to make Excel spreadsheets, you can offer your services to create custom sheets for people. You can also sell spreadsheets on Etsy or create a store.

Love Asana? You can create and sell Asana templates. Offer custom services to setup Asana or other project management software to business owners or bloggers.

Get creative. Excel sheets and Asana templates aren’t just for business owners. Create a detailed template to help people keep their houses tidy and organized and list that baby for sale.

Dog Sitting

Does dog sitting belong under management jobs? Possibly not, but I don’t know where else to put it right now. Plus, your house needs to be organized and your life managed in order to watch over the lives of tiny creatures responsibly.

Dog sitting from home sounds amazing to me. I have three rescue dogs right now, and one of them does not like to share. Otherwise, I would sign up for dog sitting in a heartbeat.

It’s a little nerve-wracking to be responsible for another person’s beloved fur friend, but if you properly puppy-proof your house and take necessary precautions, babysitting pets could be a joyous way to earn money from home.

Which management jobs have you tried from home?