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Types of Online Writing Jobs

So you chose writing for how you want to work from home. Excellent choice since there are a lot of online writing jobs available and they tend to be perfect for introverts.

Whether you want to work for yourself or someone else, the writing opportunities are out there in abundance.

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Let’s dive deeper into the ways to work from home by writing. As with most work online ideas, you can choose to be your own boss or work for someone else.

This post is to summarize the ways one can possibly making money online by writing. I will go into further details on how to find jobs or how to start a business for each one.

Click on the titles of the options you find interesting to read all the articles about the topic.

Different Ways to Make Money with Online Writing Jobs


Start a blog:

If you’re passionate about a topic and love to write, starting a blog is a great choice. This is not a fast way to make money.

However, if a blog is done correctly and in a good niche, it has income potential without a cap.

There are several different types of blogs and a lot of ways to monetize. Since blogging is my main work from home gig, I will write a lot of articles about blogging.

Write for blogs:

If you don’t want to start and run a blog, you can write for other bloggers. There’s a big market for content creation.

Companies and other bloggers pay for articles often. You can write articles about topics you enjoy and list them for sale.

Or, you can promote your services as a freelance blog post writer and write on topics for which you are hired.

If you pick the right blog niche, blogging is a great gig for introverts. Although networking is extremely beneficial, the majority of blog work is done from home.

Spoiler alert: Niche sites are my ultimate pick as the introvert’s dream gig. More on that coming soon!


Author a book:

Writing and publishing books these days is easier than ever. With the tools and platforms available on the internet, there’s no need for a publisher, agent, printer, or even editor anymore.

Anyone and everyone can write and publish a book with little to no cost besides time. Write non-fiction, fiction, educational, short ebooks, and more and publish with ease.

Ghostwrite for an author:

If you need money faster than it takes to write your own book, ghostwriting is a good option. Bring another person’s idea to life and get paid regardless of the success of the book.

In my opinion, writing a book is perfect for introverts. You don’t even have to use your own name!

If your book becomes a raving success, you might want to do book tours and help create a movie, which is a tad horrifically exciting. But cross that magical bridge when you come to it.


What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It’s content written based on facts and research that contains no personalization.

Writing materials include articles, ebooks, product reviews, reports, email newsletters, and more.

Content is sold over and over again to multiple buyers. Depending on the rights, the buyer can use the content to republish in their own name and repurpose to use in a variety of different ways.

Using PLR is an entirely different topic that I will go into in another blog post. However, selling PLR can be a good way to earn an income online by writing.

Create a PLR store:

You can build your own site where you sell PLR packages. Since the content is non-exclusive, the prices are typically low, but you can have an unlimited amount of buyers.

If marketed correctly PLR sellers can rake in quite a profit. Stocking a PLR store is another avenue that takes quite a bit of time upfront, but can eventually lead to possible passive income.

Sell PLR on a platform:

Don’t have time to build a store? You can list PLR on sites like Tradebit. The downside is the amount of competition drives the prices down ridiculously low. But, there is a lot of low-quality PLR out there.

If you provide well written, quality products, you can become a source to repeat PLR users. Another option for selling your PLR products is to create a sales page and use JVZoo.

Using sites like JVZoo also gives affiliates the chance to promote your products, which can give a substantial boost.

Writing PLR is good for introverts who love to write. However, there is customer service involved with this.

There will be people who don’t understand PLR or how to use it. If you choose to run a PLR store, it’s helpful to create videos or tutorials that teach people suggested ways to use PLR as a springboard and not a copy and paste option.


As mentioned above, ghostwriting is writing for and as another person. You can ghostwrite blog posts, books, and basically any type of written content.

It’s best to get to know the person who hires you and learn their writing style. Have plenty of dialogue upfront to know how the person wants you to write before taking on a job.

Although this is a work from home job, I struggle with ghostwriting a bit. I’m not sure if I can blame being an introvert, having anxiety, lack of confidence, or perhaps the combo platter, but the fear of disappointing someone causes a serious mental block.

To try to bring someone’s ideas to life or write as they do gives me writers’ block like no other.

Editing and Proofreading

Does a missing comma stick out to you like a flashing billboard? Consider editing and proofreading online.

Although tools like Grammarly exist (affiliate link), they do not catch everything. This isn’t exactly a writing job, but if you’re great at grammar, becoming an online editor or proofreader is an excellent option.

Again, you can offer these services as a freelancer, start your own business, or work for a company as an employee.

Editor vs. Proofreader

Editing and proofreading are not the same things. An editor checks a document for grammatical errors, yes, but they also make recommendations on how to make changes to improve overall readability and flow. A proofreader does the polishing work.

Proofreaders should have an eagle eye for spotting mistakes. Since this is often the final step in a document’s path to publishing, proofreaders need to comb over every detail.

To me, editing and proofreading online is dream work. You basically get paid to read and fix mistakes.

Finally capitalize off that “Grammar Police” title your friends give you crap about. 😉

There are some examples of online writing jobs. Choose the freelance route for quicker money, and if you love it, start building a business as a side hustle.

The beauty of working online is that you can easily try a few things first to see how they work out for you.

For more details on each topic, click the links to read relevant articles.

Have you tried any online writing jobs?