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July Blog Income Report

A lot has happened in the past month since my last income report.

If you didn’t notice, I had another blog (Feather Pixels) for a while there.

I found it way too hard to maintain properly, so I had it moved over here.

Then, we rebranded Sweep Tight into A Magical Mess.

This transition doesn’t affect my income reports all that much since this blog was always the main income source.

Note: This post was transferred over from

As always, I am a month behind on my reports.

This is so I can get all of the paperwork and balance the books before pulling all the figures.

This report helps me tremendously, so I want it to be completely accurate.

Due to the awesome feedback from all of you, I will continue to share them.

Okay, let’s get to it.

Monthly Blogging Income Report - July 2016

Monthly Blogging Income Report – July 2016

These numbers are for cash received during the month.

In my quickbooks, I choose “cash basis” instead of “accrual” to get these numbers.

So, it doesn’t include work done during the month.

July Blogging Income

  • Sponsored Posts:
    • Linqia: $321.60
    • Tapinfluence: $485.00
    • Other Sponsored Posts: $1,610.00
  • Social Posts:
    • IZEA: $35.00
    • Other Social Posts: $100.00
  • Twitter Parties: $400.00
  • Affiliate Income:
    • Shareasale: $168.13
      • Most of that amount is from two-tiered referral income.
    • Amazon Associates: $86.25
  • Ad Networks:
    • The Blogger Network: $144.45
  • Sidebar Widget: $300.00 – Paid in gift cards.
  • $118.00 – My giveaway directory site.
  • Shelley’s Income: $1,565.00 – What Shelley made through the blog on her own.

Income Total: $5,333.43

July Blogging Expenses

  • Content Purchased: $48.00
  • Photoshop/Lightroom: $10.61
  • Virtual Assistants:
    • Main VA (does daily share threads, ghost writing, and more): $211.00
    • Walking on Sunshine who submits to recipe and DIY linkups: $45.00 – Please use Jennifer Soltys as a referral if you sign up. Lois is awesome.
  • fonts: $5.00 – Hey, I did better this month. 😉
  • Appsumo: Discount programs. They usually have serious savings on some great tools for bloggers.
    • Grum: $25.00 – Instagram scheduler from your desktop.
    • Camtasia: $49.00 – Video software.
  • Mailchimp: $50.00 – newsletter. Last month because I switched to convertkit.
  • convertkit: $29.00 – New newsletter.
  • Facebook Boosts: $1.61
  • Daniel Morris: $27.00 – BC Stack. It’s a huge bundle of ebooks, courses, and info for bloggers and entrepreneurs. I think it’s once per year, and worth every penny.
  • Hostgator: $15.00 – Domain name renewal.
  • Jaaxy: $49.00 – Tool I use for SEO keyword research.
  • Making Sense of Cents: $147.00 – Affiliate marketing course. If you read her income reports, you’ll want to take her course too.
  • MeetEdgar: $49.00 – Social media scheduler.
  • RD Publishing: $29.98 – PLR templates.
  • Contributors: $279.96
  • SSLS: $14.97 – Security certificate.
  • Staples: $17.38 – Office supplies.
  • Social Warfare: $110.00 – New social sharing plugin.
  • Shipping: $13.45 – Shipped a giveaway prize.

Total Expenses: $1,255.96

Net Income: $4,077.47

I added Shelley’s income in there as discussed in the last report.

So, above is what the blog made for the month.

Personally, my blogging income was $2,512.47.

What I Learned from this Report

Just as I suspected, doing these reports makes me give a second thought to what I spend money on now.

It’s so easy to justify business expenses in the moment.

When you type them out and have them in your face like this, it’s eye-opening.

I purchased less content thanks to combining the blogs.

That leaves me with more time to create posts here instead of being so scatter-brained and trying to fill two blogs with content.

Oh, this is kind of funny, but this report reminded me of a purchase.

That RD Publishing — I had no clue what that was for — I had to look it up.

Honestly, if I didn’t do this, I think that would have been money thrown away.

Like checking out at the grocery store and leaving your bag there. {Insert facepalm here}

Once again, I am beyond grateful for the income blogging provides to allow me to work from home.

It’s a ton of work, but I wouldn’t trade it.

I need to increase my bottom line a bit to be a little more comfortable with our household bills, but I have big hopes for the fourth quarter.

If you post a blogging income report, please let me know.

I’d love to read it, or maybe even link up!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

Thursday 8th of September 2016

You and Shelley are seriously my spirit animals! I cannot even imagine making $5k a month, let alone $4k after expenses. If I could pull those numbers each month I wouldn't have to get a job and I'd be able to take care of myself without relying on social security. I guess I just have to keep plugging at it! Thank you for writing these reports; while they're helping you they're helping me and everyone else!

Sarah L

Thursday 8th of September 2016

It's interesting to see what you have to spend money for to run your blog.