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Accept Micropayments Online

Depending on your blog niche or the type of online content you provide, accepting micropayments is now an easy option for you to consider.

My head is spinning with ideas about how to use the QUID plugin to accept micropayments.

White desk with text that says what is a micropayment

At first, I thought there was no use for it with my blog niche (or lack thereof), but now I can see it useful for pretty much any type of content.

Note: This post was originally on my main blog, which has no niche.

What are Micropayments?

Simply put, a micropayment is a tiny payment made online. A micropayment is typically under $12 and even as low as a fraction of a cent.

Reasons to Use Micropayments

Avoid Ads

Many online content creators are against running ads on their platforms.

Either they don’t want them at all, or don’t have enough traffic to make ads worth it.

Some micro-influencers have a heavily engaged, but small audience.

They may not have a ton of page views, but they have loyal readers, which are just as valuable if not more so.

Often there are better ways to monetize smaller audiences than risking their user experience with ads.

Whatever the reason a person chooses to avoid ads, adding a QUID widget is an alternative to consider.

Let the Reader Decide Value

Perhaps you have a digital product and have no idea what to charge for it.

Allowing the customer to choose what they pay for an item is a great way to test the market.

Of course, there will be many people who pay the bare minimum.

However, you may be surprised by the humans who appreciate the hard work required to create a product.

Use the amounts you receive as data to help decide on a fixed rate for your product down the line.

Accept Tips and Donations

Many people write about topics that aren’t sponsored or promoting an item.

Maybe your writing is purely entertainment for some.

Perhaps your content is designed to inspire and uplift.

There are several cases where it’s perfectly acceptable to have an online tip jar option.

As a reader, I can think of plenty of articles where the author was raw, real, and legitimately enriched my life.

I mean, some people let you into their lives, and it feels like a form of therapy!

When that happens, I would love to buy that person a cup of coffee.

Measurable Feedback

There are many ways to identify a hot topic.

Blog comments, shares, traffic, and other forms of engagement let you know if you’re on the right track with your content.

Micropayments are one more way to gauge interest.

If people are actually parting with their hard earned dollars on an article, that’s a clear indicator to start creating similar content pronto.


All online entrepreneurs know how important it is to diversify income streams.

Everything in this space is constantly changing.

Entire branches of income can literally disappear overnight.

Accepting micropayments is one more way to spread your earnings out a bit.

When to Use Micropayments – Content Examples

Long Tutorials or Guides

More and more people now realize the work that goes into creating a 3000+ word tutorial or guide.

There is a ton of free content on the internet, but many people appreciate value.

If your article is saving them class fees, travel agent expenses, or time in general, by all means, give them the option to toss you a few pennies.

Digital Product Purchases

Sell digital products for a flat rate or allow buyers to choose what to pay.

Again, this is a great way to test the market or quickly sell digital goods right from your blog.

Bonus Content Access

Create a helpful article packed with info to capture the reader.

Then, save your juiciest tips to sell as bonus content.

Readers unlock this secret bonus by paying a small fee easily with the QUID widget.

Helpful Posts with No Affiliate Products

Again, many articles have loads of helpful info but no tangible products for affiliate income potential.

You can most definitely charge to unlock portions of this info or give the reader an option to tip you if you’re not running ads.

Other Services or Interaction

If you offer services or coaching, accepting micropayments is a good payment option.

How to Accept Micropayments on your WordPress Blog

Sign up for a QUID account and install the QUID plugin on your WordPress blog.

Using QUID is easy and pretty self-explanatory.

If you need help, their team is responsive and willing to guide you every step of the way.

QUID settings are at the bottom of each blog post.

You choose whether to include a slider or a button, an optional or required payment, or nothing at all, in each and every post.

Let me know the creative ways in which you choose to accept micropayments in the comments below!