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Help your Blogger Friends

So, your friend is a blogger, and you wonder how to support a blog.

When I started blogging none of my family and friends even knew what a blog was.

Neither did I for the most part, but that’s another story.

If your friend or family member opens a new business, it’s clear on what you should do – visit their shop, tell your friends about it, pass out business cards, etc.

Well, it’s not all that different when it comes to a blog.

Visit often, send people, and pass out cards, it’s all just a little more virtual.

This post contains affiliate links.

A lot of people in my “real life” have asked me how to support a blog to help me out.

Several will call me and tell me they enjoyed an article or a recipe, and I am beyond flattered, but please show me that love in the form of sharing the crap out of it, mmmmkay? 😉

How to Support a Blog and Help your Blogger Friends

How to Support a Blog on Social Media

Start Twitter lists and add a column to TweetDeck

I usually have TweetDeck open in a tab.

I have a column with accounts in relevant niches.  

I like to pop over to that tab throughout the day and randomly retweet them, or start up a little twitter conversation.

Subscribe to them

Clearly, subscribing to your blogger friend’s newsletter is much appreciated.

Follow them everywhere you can, but the newsletter is definitely a biggie.

Pull them out of spam

Once you subscribe to your blogger friends, you may notice some of their newsletters will end up in spam.

Not sure why this happens, but by hitting that “not spam” button, it helps prevent it from happening further.

Randomly share

If you like an article, share it.

Seriously, there’s no bigger compliment to a blogger than sharing our posts with your circle.

Just please include a link back.

Don’t just grab an image and share without a link.

We need traffic to survive in this gig.

Like their Facebook posts

This goes along with the above suggestion, but there’s a reason it’s even more important on Facebook.

Facebook’s algorithm only allows certain posts to show up.

Same goes for Instagram.

So, just because you “like” your favorite blogger’s Facebook page, doesn’t mean you will see all their posts.

When you do see something in your feed, like it, share it, comment on it, etc.

Engagement on a post helps that blogger’s page show up more frequently.

A lot of people have given up on Facebook, but with a little help from our friends, it can be a great sharing tool.

How to Support a Blog in the Actual World

Let the blogger know about typos

A lot of people are nervous to let someone know if they see a mistake.

Allow me to speak on behalf of most bloggers, and tell you we appreciate the heads up!

I obsessively proofread my posts and use grammarly, and I still end up with oopsies.

It happens.

It’s so hard to see your own mistakes sometimes.

We all make mistakes, so no one should get upset if you let them know you caught something.

Tell them if you are lost

A lot of us bloggers are so involved with our tribe of other bloggers that we forget what it’s like for a non-blogger to visit our sites.

If you find their website to be a confusing hot mess, let them know.

I had someone tell me, “I don’t know what to do on your blog.”

Trust me, I am not offended.

I want clear navigation and smooth readability for everyone.

Shop through their links

A lot of us use affiliate links, which means if you click on our links and then make a purchase, we might make a few cents.

This is at no extra cost to you.

Depending on the price of the item, it can be pennies, but every little bit counts.

It’s funny, I think my first Amazon sale was like 10 cents in commission, but I was ecstatic.

Even if it’s not an affiliate link, brands know where their traffic comes from.

Your clicks make us look good. 😉

Pass out business cards

Most bloggers have business cards.

If they are anything like me, they buy 2,000 cause of a good deal and then they don’t love them when they arrive and want to give them out in stacks.

Carry a few with you to pass out if it makes sense to do so.

A lot of us bloggers make a living off of our blogs.

They are our businesses so we appreciate any love you can toss our way.

Do you have any ideas on how to support a blog you love?


Tuesday 1st of March 2016

I do this with several of my blogger friends. I wish Facebook would let us do a Tweetdeck. I had one kinda like that before with a list but it got too hard to handle. Might have to restart a group!


Tuesday 1st of March 2016

Using Tweetdeck would make it a lot easier! I wish they would add that feature, too!


Friday 19th of February 2016

Great advice about how to support fellow bloggers. A lot of bloggers want to support one another, but are not real sure how to do so. I would add to the list; leave relevant, keyword rich comments on your blog friends blog posts. This will help the blog post gain more traction in the search engines! :)


Friday 19th of February 2016

So true that is! That's definitely a point I should have addressed. Quality comments are very important. I'd rather have no comment than one that only says "nice post".