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For the Love of List Making

Are you a list maker? I have little lists all over the house. Sometimes I spend more time on my lists than I do on any task actually written on them.

It’s my futile attempt at organization that usually tends to backfire. However, and I am sure most list makers can agree, crossing something off my lists is beyond satisfying.

For people who love to make lists

A site that has been quite helpful to me and my list making ways is It’s definitely a greener way to create lists and has helped me cut down on paper clutter. You can log into your account from anywhere, so that’s even better.

I can’t tell you how many times I start a new list at work to add to my at-home list. Or stick a post-it to my purse so I don’t forget. OR… even text myself an idea to add to a list at home. It’s exhausting.

With WorkFlowy you can create items and then further break them down with bullet points. There are also many other helpful features like, tagging and sharing that can be even more helpful.

You start with a blank page. It’s a good strategy to start with broader items and then break them down with narrower tasks. I use mine for blog work, work work, and home work.

Here’s an example of what mine can look like:

  • Reviews
    • teeth whitener
    • watchbot
    • packing cubes
  • Post Ideas
    • how to wash your eyeball
    • finding the best melon baller
    • learning to forgive db’s
  • Home
    • clean the bathroom
    • detail the couches
    • organize secret hoarding pile
  • CSM (my job)
    • quarterlies
    • payables
    • remove dust from cubicle

I also have a few tasks that I do weekly and monthly tagged. If you use the # sign in front of the word you can tag it. Then when you click on that tag, it will zoom into all of those tags. Here’s a few things I have as an example:

  • Update Stats #Sundays
  • Winners Lists #Monthly
  • Traffic Report #Monthly

I can share certain sections with anyone that I would like to collaborate with, as well. Perfect way to delegate chores!

And of course… there is the must-have ability to cross things off! You can choose to hide things once they are done, or just leave it with a line through it until you are done patting yourself on the back. 😉

I could go on for a while about this site. I have been using it for probably over 2 years now and love it. There are several helpful videos to help you get the most out of your account. is free up to 500 items per month. You can purchase more space or refer people like I am doing now. 500 is a lot, though! I have never needed more than that.

2020 Update: I now use Asana to organize every area of my life. It’s beyond list-making and more project management, but amazing from running a household to running an empire!

Are you into list making? Have you ever tried

Judy Schechter

Thursday 19th of March 2015

I have always been a list maker! I'd write on post its, napkins, newspapers, anything that was within reach. I was very OCD with my listmaking, but nothing ever got done! Since I got my tablet I've been using 2 great list making apps and I NEVER write things to do on paper (I'm totally saving trees!) I like Anydo because if you procrastinate like I do you can actually move the tasks to later days! But I'm going to give WorkFlowy a try! Thanks for the review!

Tamra Phelps

Friday 26th of December 2014

Yep, I have to do lists these days. My mind just isn't what it used to be, lol.

Still Pool Monk

Saturday 12th of April 2014

Yep. I find that lists free the mind of little anxieties about forgetting things – until the lists get out of hand! The free Google Keep app is very useful too, with a nice drag/drop interface.


Saturday 12th of April 2014

I will have to try that app! Sounds like a great feature.


Tuesday 25th of March 2014

Where did you get a copy of my to-do list? I think I spend half my time making new lists. I'm so going to have to check out Workflowy


Monday 24th of March 2014

I am a list addict. I actually am heading over there right now to check it out.