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What to Buy at the Dollar Tree

If you shop at the dollar tree on a regular basis, chances are you’ve noticed that the store often gets name brand items.

Stores that are clearing out old merchandise often sell those items to the dollar tree.

This means that you can get killer deals for only one dollar.

While it’s nice to snatch up those items for yourself, it’s also an opportunity to make a profit from those items.

Let’s look at what to buy at the dollar tree to sell for a profit.

Reselling is one of the several ways we make money from home.

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What to Buy at the dollar tree to Sell for a Profit

As Seen on TV Items

The dollar tree store often gets As Seen on TV items.

These items retailed for $14.99 or $19.99 when they were new.

The products may not sell as well now, but chances are they are worth more than a dollar.

If you get enough of these items, it can be worth it to resell them.

An example is a ceramic egg cooker that recently sold at the store.

These are selling on Amazon for $12.97 each.

That’s a decent profit. (Check your fees — the margins might be tight if you use Amazon FBA.)

Whenever you see these items, check Amazon and eBay to see what they’re selling for and if there’s a demand.


The dollar tree often gets incredible books.

An example is the True Blood Cookbook.

dollar tree recently had this book, and it’s currently selling on Amazon for $9.49.

Another example is a Mike Holmes book that is selling for $9 to $18 on Amazon.

You can sometimes even find signed copies of books.

In other words, if you’ve got the patience to look through the book section, it can be well worth it.


Yes, the dollar tree sells many cheap toys.

However, there are some name brand toys to keep your eyes on.

The dollar tree often gets Hot Wheels that sell for $5 or more in stores like Walmart.

These are usually licensed cars.

An example is that the dollar tree recently had the 40th Anniversary Edition Star Wars Hot Wheels.

These are currently selling on Amazon for up to $6 each.

That’s not all though.

The store often gets in toys that other stores no longer carry.

The dollar tree has had Ty Beanie Babies, full-sized Pillow Pets, and many other name brand toys that sell for much more than a dollar.

Again, check your margins.

The fees might be too much to use FBA.

Party Supplies

The dollar tree carries a number of themed party supplies.

Examples include Disney princesses and Mickey Mouse.

The options change from time to time.

However, bundling these items into party supply packages can be profitable.

Many people don’t know these items are available and bundling everything together makes it so easy for them.

You can often triple your investment on this purchase, and everything can be shipped inexpensively, which means more profit for you.

The dollar tree is an amazing place to find your everyday needs, but it can also be a place to find items to resell.

Keep your eyes open because you never know what the dollar tree will have.

Just make sure to check eBay and Amazon to see if the items are selling before you make an investment.

It’s natural to want to swoop things up, but avoid this and many other mistakes as a new reseller.